building a lab

  • thermocycler v 0.2 w SW

    thermocycler v 0.2 w SW

    thermocycler v 0.2 w SW The last prototype gave me an idea of the component layout so I came up with this final diagram for its circuit: wiring diagram: heatblock Crafting the main heating chamber for small PCR vials proved to be a challenge. I couldn’t use 3D printing as I needed a metal material […]

  • centrifuge


    centrifuge A centrifuge is a must in every molecular lab. It is used for speeding up diffusion processes. Basically a high RPM carousel for bio samples that will separate solids and liquids into distinct layers, which you can later separate using micro-pippetes layer by layer. caveats & challenges: set RPM so that plastic (3D printed […]

  • pcr machine prototype

    pcr machine prototype

    PCR machine PCR is a method of selectively duplicating a specific part of DNA.For this, we are going to need a PCR machine. I choose to make my own, because I like making stuff and it’s way way more economical.Firstly, I wanted to make myself a quick prototype on breaboards to try how it alll […]

  • laminar flow hood

    laminar flow hood

    laminar flow-hood / biosafety cabinet Next, I had to take place where all the biology/genetics stuff will be happening in a clean, non-contaminated area. This is the tougher one to solve. I had a few options: using a clean tent + could be sterile and work best for keeping sterile, if the ventilation system of […]

  • fumehood


    Building a fumehood for the chemistry section reference board & learning design build 一Info, get a lot of pictures and look for design patterns, and sizes. ratios, etc … Also read a lot of quora, reddit, and download a some PDF manuals of commercial fume hoods & copy their dimensions. This puts a lot of […]

  • cnc


    The first thing I realized was that to make my machines for genetics and other projects, 3D printing will no longer suffice because I will be needing much heating & cooling elements exposed to more extreme temperatures than a plastic filament material like PLA or ABS cannot endure. But with a CNC, I could make […]

  • lab floorplan

    lab floorplan

    This will change for sure. In terms of layout, I expect experimentation and trying things out is the only way to find out. There are going to be two main parts:– a woodwork (dusty) part with a CNC and tools for cutting or „dirty“ work– a clean room, with fumehood and laminar biosafety cabinet for […]