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  • thermocycler v 0.2 w SW
    thermocycler v 0.2 w SW The last prototype gave me an idea of the component layout so I came up with this final diagram for its circuit: wiring diagram: heatblock Crafting the main heating chamber for small PCR vials proved to be a challenge. I couldn’t use 3D printing as I needed a metal material […]

As someone who is drawn to creating, making, and exploring, I have always been fascinated by the sciences, particularly physics, biology, robotics, and audiovisual art. My background in electronics and the arts has fueled my curiosity and desire to learn more about these subjects, and reading about biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and philosophy has only further piqued my interest.

I am excited to share my recent efforts to build my own laboratory space, where I can delve deeper into these fields and experience them firsthand. Whether it’s through tinkering, bodging, or simply exploring.

current lab conditions

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goals & projects

genetics & biology:
– make a laminar flow hood/biosafety cabinet (finished)
– extracting DNA
– run a PCR with custom primers
– run an electrophoresis
– read a short gene, and predict its structure
– make some great microscopy pictures/video

engineering & electronics:
– build a PCR machine (finished)
– build a centrifuge for DNA separation (finished)
– build CNC machine (finished)
– build a spectrometer
– build a prototype of the autonomous soaring wing for data collection
– build a rover capable of self-driving and data collection like soil humidity and atomic composition using spectroscopy

education & art:
– create educational content for PC/VR about genetic processes
– make series of videos about learning from & processing raw data like .pdb protein data bank format etc.
– share some fascination with algorhitmic nature of universe and patterns around us

– build a fume hood (finished)
– learn basic distillation techniques ( finished )
– learn separation methods
– make chemicals to grow interesting crystals under a microscope, make audiovisual art with it

– make a PDB protein file „next-gen“ visualizer (finished)
– create series about working with and visualizing data in python
– make computer simulations of various physics phenomena

  1. Curiousness
  2. General fascination with stuff and ideas
  3. Pure joy