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Building a fumehood for the chemistry section

  1. reference board & learning
  2. design
  3. build

Info, get a lot of pictures and look for design patterns, and sizes. ratios, etc … Also read a lot of quora, reddit, and download a some PDF manuals of commercial fume hoods & copy their dimensions. This puts a lot of weight out of my shoulders as rations and parameters are taken from already proven ratios.

I sketched up my synthesis of all that I’ve seen and liked and ended up with this design:

caveats & challenges:

  1. chemical resistance of materials in direct contact with the fumes (not every hood is for every chemical!)
  2. correct ventilator type, because standard ones can’t be used due to the exposure of motor coiling and the bearings leading to a quick motor failure (corrosion)
  3. the airfoill“ shape
  4. because I choose PVC laminated wood as a corpus, I needed to fireproof it with a coating

photos from the build process:

finished result: